Research allowance

How much is the allowance for the researcher's costs?


A seconded staff member is entitled to receive a top-up research allowance of EUR 2,100 per month of secondment. The grant management system of the European Commission calculates the value of the person-months automatically. And the Coordinator communicates, with an official letter, the value of the research allowance. The beginning and start dates depend on the outbound and inbound dates on the boarding pass.

The total duration of a secondment is calculated based on the number of days spent on research and innovation activities. The duration includes days spent travelling to and from the host institution. For partial months, a pro-rata unit cost of 1/30 is reimbursed for each day. In this case, a month corresponds to 30 calendar days.

For example, Jane is seconded from 12 March to 25 August. This secondment is five months (from 12 March to 11 August) plus 14/30 month (from 12 to 25 August). The total duration of the secondment is 5.47 person-month. Jane is entitled to receive EUR 11,487, that is 5.47 person-month x EUR 2,100 / month.

Additional funding at Charles University 

Staff members from Charles University can apply for additional funding to cover expenses related to their secondment. If a secondment exceeds three (3) months, you may apply for a travel stipend from the Hlávka foundation. For more information on how to apply, visit the Hlávka foundation website.

Financial support from the Rector’s Mobility Fund may be granted to both the student, the academic staff, and the visiting academic staff. The Mobility Fund generally issues two calls for funding applications per year, one with a deadline in March, and one in October. See the website for further details.